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Our Device Policy

KCS discourages all students from bringing electronic devices to school that have no bearing on, or use in, the educational process. Electronic tablets (iPads, etc.), iPods, MP3 players, electronic games with or without internet access, radios, recording devices, and any similar items should be left at home. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the classroom teacher should he or she choose to allow students to bring an electronic device for educational purposes. The school cannot accept responsibility for such items should they be lost, broken, or stolen.

In the case of cell phones, KCS recognizes that they are a vital form of communication between parents and children and that many of our students have their own phone. However, it is our policy that cell phones should be kept in a book bag or purse and should never be heard or seen, except at the discretion of the teacher for educational purposes. During the school day, including before and after care, all students have access to the office phone should they need to contact a parent. There is, therefore, no need for a student to use their cell phone even if they have it in their possession.

Cell phone use is prohibited during all class time and phones must be turned off (as opposed to being placed on silence or vibrate) before the beginning of all classes. The first time a student’s cell phone is seen or heard, the student will receive a demerit. The second time the phone is seen or heard, the student will receive ten demerits and the phone will be held in the office until a parent retrieves it. If there is a third incident involving the cell phone, the student will receive 25 demerits and the phone will be confiscated for one week. Additional consequences may include a suspension period.

If there is reasonable suspicion of inappropriate behavior which involves a cell phone or other electronic device (e.g. inappropriate texting, accessing internet content, using the device’s camera, etc.), KCS administration reserves the right to view the device’s content.

1st time = demerit

2nd time = 10 demerits; confiscated until parent retrieves it

3rd time = 25 demerits; confiscated for one week

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